Scheduling Notebooks

In PushMetrics you can easily schedule the execution of a notebook at any interval.

Creating a New Schedule

Simply click on the Schedule button in the top navigation of a notebook:

Scheduling the execution of a notebook

In the menu, you have ther following options:


You can define flexible recurrences for your schedule.

  • First, select the start date & time.
    This defines the first time the schedule will be run. The start time also defines at what time of day all concurrent runs will happen. Must be a time in the future.
  • Timezone: Defines the timezone in which the schedule will be calculated.
  • Second, select a recurrence pattern. This defines when consecutive executions after the start date should happen. You can define basically anything from hourly to annually
  • Define how long the schedule should stay active. By default, it is set to end never, but you can also let it end on a specific date or after a specific number of occurrences.


You can specify if notifications should be sent for successful and/or failed runs of the schedule.

You can send these notifications to any email address.

Managing Existing Schedules

Newly created schedules will be set to active by default but you can pause them at any time, change them, remove them, or trigger a manual run.

You can do this either on the Notebook itself:

Or you can manage all your active schedules from the Homescreen: