Connecting to BigQuery

To connect to a BigQuery Database, the following information will be necessary:

  • Display name : A name of your choice to identify the database.
  • Project ID : The ID of your project. document-tab
  • Dataset (optional): The name of your dataset is optional. If left empty all available datasets will be shown.
  • Schema name : (optional) The name of the database schema you want to connect to.
  • KeyFile JSON: Paste the entire KeyFile.json into this field.

Creating a Service Account and KeyFile:

  • Give the Account a name and click "create".
  • As role, the account will need at least the following:
- BigQuery Data Viewer
- BigQuery Job User 

Use the search function to add both.

  • Click 'Done'.
  • Click the newly added Service Account and Select 'Keys'.
  1. Click 'Add Key', 'Create new key', 'JSON', 'Create'.

The KeyFile will download automatically and you can now copy and paste its content.