How Reports Work

Introduction to Reports

In the realm of data analytics and management, PushMetrics offers a compelling solution with its Reports feature, designed to automate the distribution of data exports to a variety of destinations. This article aims to provide a structured overview of how Reports function within PushMetrics, emphasizing their creation, execution, and practical applications.

What is a Report?

A Report in PushMetrics is an automated tool that enables users to distribute document exports—such as SQL query results, Tableau dashboard images, and custom messages—to specified recipients via Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and cloud services like S3. The core idea is to simplify the delivery of data, ensuring that stakeholders receive timely, relevant information without manual intervention.

Creating a Report: Step-by-Step Guide

Initiate Report Configuration:

  • Name and Destination Selection: Begin by assigning a name to your report and selecting its destination. This foundational step categorizes the report for easy identification and ensures it reaches the intended audience or service.

Content Selection:

  • Data Export Inclusion: Choose the specific data or documents you wish to include in your report. Options range from SQL query results formatted as CSV files to image exports of Tableau views.

Recipient and Message Configuration:

  • Define Recipients: Specify who will receive the report, including options for direct recipients, CC, and BCC.
  • Craft a Message: Create a contextual message to accompany the data export, adding value and clarity for the recipients.

Scheduling and Triggering:

  • Automate Delivery: Set up a schedule to automate the report's delivery at regular intervals, or configure a webhook for event-based triggering, enhancing the report's relevance and timeliness.

Testing and Activation:

  • Review and Test: Before full implementation, conduct a test run to ensure the report's accuracy and completeness.
  • Activate Report: Finalize the report setup by activating it for regular, automated distribution.

Practical Applications of Reports

Reports are versatile, catering to a wide range of use cases, such as:

  • Delivering daily sales data to a management team's email.
  • Sending weekly KPI summaries to a designated Slack channel.
  • Uploading monthly comprehensive analytics reports to a client's S3 bucket.


Reports within PushMetrics provide a powerful, automated solution for data distribution, enabling organizations to efficiently share important information with stakeholders. By leveraging the Reports feature, users can ensure consistent, timely delivery of data, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing operational productivity.