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PushMetrics is the data distribution solution that gives you full control and flexibility to deliver data, reports, and messages to your team & customers.


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The Last Mile Of Analytics

PushMetrics makes it easy to distribute data to your audience - in any format, at any time.
No more manual reporting, no more data silos.


Drive Better Decision-making

Increase data awareness across your organization. Create alignment on key metrics.


Boost Your Customer Engagement

Distribute insights to your customers. Engage them with personalized, data-driven messages.


Boost Your Efficiency With Automation

Reduce manual work. Cut down on errors. Supercharge your reporting workflows.

Leverage Your Database For Any Type Of Messaging Flow

You can handle everything from simple reporting emails to complex messaging & alerting workflows.
Connect to data warehouses & BI tools. Get the right message to the right audience at the perfect time.


Make use of all your data

Connect to your databases and BI tools. Use any datapoint to enhance audience segmentation, targeting, plus personalization.


Send to any channel, in any format

Whether it's Email, Slack, Google Slides, or another communication channel, deliver messages, charts, and files anywhere.


Add Logic and Automation

Schedule workflows. Send series or one-offs. Incorporate conditional logic. Loop over tasks for sophisticated workflow logic.

Get A Partner You Can Count On

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of companies, helping them deliver millions of data-driven messages every month.
We can't wait to build the next solution with you.


Get Hands-on Support

Our team is here for you. We assist you in getting up to speed, joining calls, ensuring your workflows function seamlessly.


Get Enterprise-grade Security

PushMetrics was built with enterprise-grade security requirements in mind to keep you in control and your data safe.


Get Custom-tailored Solutions

PushMetrics is flexible and configurable. We can adapt to your needs and tailor the app to fit to your stack and requirements.

"We have more people than ever interacting with and looking at our data. As a result, we're seeing more informed decisions being made company-wide."


"PushMetrics has been a real game changer for us. Alerts pushed into specific Slack channels allow us to identify potential issues and their causes faster than we were ever able to before."


"Working with Pushmetrics has made it so much easier for the whole company to use data. Every morning we receive our dashboards in dedicated slack channels - making reporting much more efficient for us."


"As more people have been seeing some of the data for the first time there is a lot of 'oh wow' and 'I had no idea that...'"

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