Collaboration & Reporting
for Tableau


Tableau to Slack

Request & receive your Tableau data in Slack. Increase visibility, spot issues earlier and drive engagement.

Report Bursting

Automate recurring reporting and distribute personalized reports via Email or Slack.

BI Portal &
Metrics Warehouse

Drive BI adoption with self-service access
to your key metrics and Tableau contents.

KPI Monitoring &

Monitor KPIs from Your Tableau data for relevant changes, trends or thresholds and alert Users instantly.

increase data-driven decision making

Business Intelligence is only as valuable as the insights and actions that people take from it.
However, more than 70% of BI tools are not adopted by their intended end-users.

PushMetrics makes sure people receive the right data, helps users to focus on what matters right now
and supports data-driven decision-making for any user in your organisation.

Never miss critical changes.

Have you ever noticed a relevant trend in a KPI just by accident or way too late?
Staying on top of all your numbers is hard and requires frequent attention even if nothing changed. PushMetrics monitors metrics and KPIs for you and instantly informs you when something is happening and requires your attention.

Deliver Data Satisfaction.

Give everyone the data they need, where they want it and how they want it!
With PushMetrics you deliver pixel-perfect reports via E-Mail, Slack or other tools to any recipient. Attach PDF, CSV or Images of your Tableau data and apply user-specific filters to make sure the result is just what the user needs.

No more repetitive tasks.

Tired of generating this report over and over again? Almost forgot to send out that spreadsheet on time? With PushMetrics you set up a report once - and never worry about it again. Schedule a report in seconds and have it automatically generated & sent out on time to all the recipients.

Empower people to take action.

Even the best report is useless if nobody takes action from it. PushMetrics allows users to collaborate directly on the data level to raise questions, clarify issues and assign responsibilities. It also keeps a history of all events for future reference to build a rich knowledge base out of your data.

Enterprise-level Security

We understand how important the responsibility of safeguarding data is to our customers. Within PushMetrics, you are in full control about who can access which data. Also, our application is using a secure connection to access your Tableau servers and data is encrypted end-to-end during transit and storage.

Seamless Integration

PushMetrics was built with tools like Tableau Server, Tableau Online and other analytics tools in mind. Build your visualisations in Tableau and get it out to your audiences with PushMetrics. Integration is easy and doesn't take more than 5 minutes.