It’s time for a new kind of data document.

In PushMetrics, all your work happens in Notebooks - beautiful, rich, collaborative documents that connect directly to your databases and APIs.

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Tell better data stories.

It is not just code and numbers. Create vivid, colourful documents by combining SQL code, API calls, parameters, charts, rich text, images, videos and more.

Structure your analysis into multiple pages, reuse SQL snippets, and organize your work with projects and tags.


Create interactive analytics experiences.

Make things dynamic and deliver self-service experiences that actually get used.

Query Parameters

Parameterize your queries and let users set values via simple UI elements - no need to fiddle with code.

Scheduled Distribution

Simply schedule notebooks or query runs and deliver results automatically via Email.


One Notebook. So many use cases.

Notebooks are the ultimate canvas to cover a wide variety of analytical use cases and serve analytics stakeholders with all kinds of skill levels.

Ad-hoc Requests

Self-Service Reporting

KPI Dashboards

Deepdive Analysis

Knowledge Base

Data Storytelling

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