Supercharge your SQL workflow.

SQL is more relevant than ever and with PushMetrics your SQL workflow becomes more efficient, powerful, and enjoyable.

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Works with your favorite SQL database.
Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery
Microsoft SQL Server
and more

Work in a modern, SQL-first editor - batteries included.

PushMetrics makes working with SQL a breeze. Connect your warehouse and get going right away in a browser-based notebook environment that comes with all the features you would expect from a modern IDE.


Go instantly from query to visualization, to sharing, to scheduling...

PushMetrics streamlines your process end to end. From writing the first query to sharing your analysis and to automating your SQL pipelines, you can do everything in one flow.


Combine SQL + Jinja to write dynamic, reusable code.

Power-up SQL with Jinja parameters and templating syntax. Parameterize queries, add loops and macros using Jinja to write queries faster and to make your SQL code more efficient, modular and reusable.

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A powerful IDE right inside your notebooks.


Schema Explorer

Browse, search and filter through your database schemas.


Query Results History

Keep a history of your query runs and their results.


Code Autocompletion

Receive smart code suggestions as you type.


Search across Everything

Your notebooks and metadata available in fast, full-text search.


Download & Share Results

Instantly export query results to CSV, GSheets, Slack, Email, and more.


Central DB Connections

Setup and manage database connections from one, central place.

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