Works with your warehouse. Securely.

PushMetrics was built with enterprise-grade security requirements in mind to keep you in control and your data safe.

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Leverage the power and security of your warehouse.

PushMetrics operates on your data warehouse via a secure, encrypted connection. Data is not copied or replicated and you remain in full control of data access levels.


Granular user roles and security controls

In PushMetrics you have granular control over who can see and access what data and notebooks while keeping it straight-forward to manage sharing and collaboration.


Built with enterprise-grade security in mind.

PushMetrics is flexible, configurable and comes with a lot of enterprise security functionality built in. We can adapt to your neeeds and tailor the app to fit to your stack and requirements.

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Role Based Access Control

Private Cloud Deployments

Logs & Analytics

GDPR Compliance

SSO & SAML integrations

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