SQL in PushMetrics

To follow along the SQL tutorial and practice exercises, you need a PushMetrics workspace and your own copy of the "Learn SQL" Notebook.

PushMetrics is a collaborative data workspace in which you can write and execute SQL queries (and more) in intuitive, GoogleDoc-like notebook documents.

If you haven't created a free PushMetrics account or signed in, you can do so here.

Open the Learn SQL Notebook.

What you will find is the public version of the Notebook in view mode.
To copy the Notebook, simply click the copy to own Workspace button on the top right:

Once copied, you will be able edit all blocks and run all SQL queries.

Executing a SQL-block

To run SQL query, simple click he play-button on the SQL block:

Note: SQL-blocks always have to be connected to a database.

Run SQL query
Run SQL query

Browse data

Navigate to the Data-tab to browse your Schemas, Tables, and Columns.
The Schema relevant to this tutorial is named learnsql .

Data Navigation in PushMetrics
Browse SQL data

Create your own SQL blocks

Use the 'add-block' menu or type the corresponding hotkeyinto an empty block.
The hotkey for SQL-blocks is --

Creating blocks
Create blocks

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