Send data-enhanced summary reports to your customers

PushMetrics is a SQL-based workflow builder for tech-savvy teams who want full control and flexibility to create and send data-driven emails, reports, and notifications to their team and customers.


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Keep your customers more engaged

Send weekly or monthly usage summaries to your users to keep your product top of mind.


Build & distribute custom Usage summaries - remarkably easy

PushMetrics gives you all the freedom and flexibility to build powerful workflows & automations,
leveraging all the data you have in your data warehouse.


Make use of all your data

With direct SQL access to your database, spreadsheets, and APIs, you can use any datapoint in your KPI summaries.


Craft compelling messages

No matter if Email, Slack message, SMS, MS Teams, or any other communication channel - deliver highly personalized messages anywhere.


Add logic and automation

Trigger workflows by schedule, generate attachments, add conditional logic, and loop over tasks to build sophisticated workflow logic.

Set up your first KPI Digest in minutes.

Get started in no time with one of our templates.

Use a plug-n-play template

PushMetrics comes with a set of pre-built templates for the most common use cases, including KPI summary templates.

Adjust the template to your needs

Bring your own data with SQ and refine the messages to customize the template to your needs.

Schedule & set it live.

Set up a schedule for your reporting workflow and activate it. That's it. You're done.


Start sending data-driven KPI alerts today

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