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The Best Way To Deliver Tableau Reports To Slack

PushMetrics is the data distribution solution that gives you full control and flexibility to deliver data, reports, and messages to your team & customers.


Increase Tableau Adoption

Increase data visibility & Tableau adoption in your organization


Send To Non-Tableau Users

Deliver highly personalized Tableau reports to anyone, anywhere.


Save Time & Money

Reduce manual work and save costs by automating your Tableau reporting workflows.

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Deliver Tableau Exports To All Your Business Stakeholders

Build flexible Tableau distribution workflows with ease.

Export Tableau Data In Various Formats

Easily export Views & Dashboards as Image, PDF, CSV, PowerPoint, or Crosstab XLSX.

Send Data Even To Non-Tableau Users

You can send fresh, peronalized Tableau exports to anyone - even to users that don't have a Tableau account.

Craft Personalized Emails

Send emails to your team and customers that are worth paying attention to. Include files & attachments, bring your own branded email templates, and personalize each message.

Deliver to Slack, Teams & Co.

Send engaging data insights to your team's default communication channels.

Set Up Automated KPI Alerts

Send conditional messages whenever a KPI value reaches a threshold or any other criteria.

Create Mail-Merge Burst Reports

Iterate over a dynamic list of recipients and send a personalized message to each one. Even include custom-filtered Tableau attachments.

Update Slides & Presentations

Automatically update and synchronize data in your slide decks.

Automatic File Upload

Upload data exports & files to cloud storages or file servers

Database Writeback

Easily write data from Tableau CSV exports back to your database.


Orchestrate All Workflows In One Place

Manage all your workflows from a single place. See what's running, what's scheduled, and what's failed.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Set up any scheduling interval you need, even multiple schedules per workflow.

Event-based Triggers

Trigger workflow runs via webhooks and run them when a specific event happens.

Error Handling & Monitoring

Set up notifications to monitor successful and failed workflow runs.


Set up your first Tableau workflow in minutes

Get started in no time with one of our Tableau workflow templates.

Use a plug-n-play template

PushMetrics comes with a set of pre-built templates for the most common use cases, including different Tableau workflows.

Connect to Your Tableau Server or Tableau Online

Bring your own views & dashboards, adjust filter conditions, and refine the messages to customize the template to your needs.

Schedule & set it live.

Set up a schedule for your email workflow and activate it. That's it. You're done.


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"We have more people than ever interacting with and looking at our data. As a result, we're seeing more informed decisions being made company-wide."


"PushMetrics has been a real game changer for us. Alerts pushed into specific Slack channels allow us to identify potential issues and their causes faster than we were ever able to before."


"Working with Pushmetrics has made it so much easier for the whole company to use data. Every morning we receive our dashboards in dedicated slack channels - making reporting much more efficient for us."


"As more people have been seeing some of the data for the first time there is a lot of 'oh wow' and 'I had no idea that...'"

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