Tableau and Slack

Connect Tableau and Slack

Get Tableau Reports directly into your Slack channels and turn analytics into action.

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Add Context to any conversation

Browse & Publish Tableau Views directly in Slack - in any channel or conversation.

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Analytics on the fly

Faster Communication

With your team gathered around your data, spotting issues and taking action becomes a team effort that integrates smoothly into your workflow.

Instant Feedback

Communication around a report flows naturally and where your team talks anyways.

Improve Reports

Learn how people are using your reports and use that feedback to improve your reporting.


Automate Reporting

Schedule Reports to be delivered frequently to your channels and increase the visibility of your data.

Screenshot PushMetrics Tableau to Slack Integration
custom tableau portal

Make Business Intelligence collaborative

Empower all your users to get answers the moment they need them. Increase visibility and get your organization truly data-driven.

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