Tableau and Slack

Connect Tableau and Slack

Get Tableau reports directly into your Slack channels, and turn analytics into action.

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Get data to your team faster

PushMetrics helps you to get more value out of your business data, to collaborate with your team around insights, and becoming a more data-driven organization.

Add Context To Any Conversation

Browse & publish Tableau views directly in Slack - in any channel or conversation.

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Used by Hundreds of Teams Worldwide

Analytics On The Fly

Easily browse through your available contents, filter views and share snapshots with your entire team - all without leaving Slack.

Users can get their latest numbers with a single click on the refresh button - providing a low friction way to get users more engaged with data and boost BI adoption.

Search & Filter

Browse through your contents and apply filters to views directly in Slack.

Always with You

Analytics in Slack means analytics wherever you are without installing additional apps.


Collaborate Around Your Data

Empower all your users to get answers the moment they need them. Increase collaboration and engagement and make your organization truly data-driven.

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Automate Your Reporting - Set and forget

Increase visibilty into your data and get rid of manual work. Send automated reports into any channel or as a direct message.

PushMetrics Data-driven Alerts
  • "PushMetrics has been a real game-changer for us. Alerts pushed into specific Slack channels allow us to identify potential issues and their causes faster than we were ever able to before."
  • "With Pushmetrics we are now able to get the data to more eyes much easier, empowering our franchisees and members of our corporate team."
    Jasem Yousuf
    Director of Operations - Mr. Delivery
  • "We especially appreciate the Slack integration, as it allows us to make sure that the right people see the right information at the right time."
    Aaron Lee-Zucker
  • "We would definitely recommend PushMetrics to all fast-growing companies that want to provide data to their teams."
    Luc Monteil
    Head of Business Intelligence - Adikteev


Boost Tableau adoption & visibility with the leading Slack integration.

Tableau to Slack Integration



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  • Share Tableau views & dashboards in Slack
  • Request & filter Tableau contents in Slack
  • 500 messages per month included
  • Unlimited recipients
Tableau and Slack

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