Effortlessly Design & Schedule
Any Type Of Reporting Workflow

In PushMetrics, building reporting workflows is easy - using our intuitive, low-code notebook platform.
Enjoy simplicity without losing out on customization.
Start with our ready-made templates or make your own from the ground up.

Build & Automate Using Low-Code Data Notebooks

Start By Selecting The Tasks You Need

Simply select from a wide range of tasks and add them to your notebook.

Import data from databases, APIs, and BI Tools. Distribute data via email, slack, file upload, and more.


Query SQL Databases

PushMetrics comes with a powerful SQL Editor that makes working with your data warehouse a breeze. Connect to any SQL database and use its data for messages, distribution lists, and more.

Export Data From BI Tools

Get the Dashboards you have already built in front of a wider audience. Export charts & dashboards from BI tools like Tableau to use them in your workflows.

Make API Requests

Connect to any REST API to receive and deliver data to any of your tools.

Create Beautiful Visualizations

Use PushMetrics to create simple charts & visualizations from your data and simply export them to be sent in your workflows.

Leverage The Power Of AI

Create dynamic prompts using GPT-4 and other AI models and automate the use of AI to summarize data, personalize messages, develop SQL queries, and more.

Deliver to any channel, in any format.

Deliver data to your team and customers via email, slack, file upload, and more.


Deliver to Slack & Co.

Send engaging data insights to your team's default communication channels.

Craft Personalized Emails

Send emails to your team and customers that are worth paying attention to. Include files & attachments, bring your own branded email templates, and personalize each message.

Automatic File Upload

Upload data exports & files to cloud storages or file servers

Database Writeback

Easily write CSV data, API and query results back to your database.

Combine Multiple Tasks Into Scalable Workflows

Simply stack multiple tasks on top of each other to create powerful workflows. Add logic controls to make your workflows dynamic and flexible.


Loop Over Tasks

Use FOR loops to iterate over a set of tasks dynamically.

Add IF/ELSE Branching

Run tasks only if certain conditions are met.

Use Parameters

Dynamically configure your workflows using parameters.

Set Up Automated KPI Alerts

Send conditional messages whenever a KPI value reaches a threshold or any other criteria.

Create Mail-Merge Burst Reports

Iterate over a dynamic list of recipients and send a personalized message to each one. Even include custom-filtered attachments.

Schedule & Set It Live

Schedule your workflows to run automatically at any time interval - or trigger them via events.


Flexible Scheduling Options

Set up any scheduling interval you need, even multiple schedules per workflow.

Event-based Triggers

Trigger workflow runs via webhooks and run them when a specific event happens.

Error Handling & Monitoring

Set up notifications to monitor successful and failed workflow runs.


Orchestrate All Workflows In One Place

Manage all your workflows from a single place. See what's running, what's scheduled, and what's failed.

"We have more people than ever interacting with and looking at our data. As a result, we're seeing more informed decisions being made company-wide."


"PushMetrics has been a real game changer for us. Alerts pushed into specific Slack channels allow us to identify potential issues and their causes faster than we were ever able to before."


"Working with Pushmetrics has made it so much easier for the whole company to use data. Every morning we receive our dashboards in dedicated slack channels - making reporting much more efficient for us."


"As more people have been seeing some of the data for the first time there is a lot of 'oh wow' and 'I had no idea that...'"

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Start From A Template Or Build Your Own

PushMetrics comes with a wide range of ready-made templates for many different use cases to get you started quickly. Or build your own from the ground up.


Collaborate & Share With Your Entire Team

Share your notebooks & workflows with your team and collaborate on them together.


Connect With The Tools You Already Use

PushMetrics integrates with all your favorite tools. Connect to your data warehouse, BI tools, and more.

Security Controls That Keep You In Charge

Make sure your data is always secure and accessible only to the right people with role-based access control.


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