Make Business Intelligence
reach its audience


Changing how teams work with data

Pushmetrics is a new way of doing Business Intelligence — changing the way you and your team interact with data. Sharing Data from Tableau with your team becomes fast & easy. So you can collaborate within context and make smarter decisions.

Slack Integration

Request & Receive Tableau Views and your KPIs directly in Slack.

Report Bursting

Automate the generation & distribution of reports via Email or Slack.

Self-Service Portal

Give everyone access to the right data and your key metrics.

Monitoring & Alerting

Stay on top of your numbers and receive alerts when something is off.

Tableau to Slack Integration

Tableau to Slack
communicate around data in slack
Never leave Slack

Request & Receive Tableau Views right inside Slack.

Drive Collaboration & Engagement

Add data context to any conversation and make it easy to engage.

Increase Visibilty of your Data

Data get's pushed to the place where your team naturally is.

Ask for Insights

Get your latest metrics & KPIs delivered just by asking for it.

Add to Slack

Smart Report Bursting


Automate your recurring Reports

With Pushmetrics you can automate the process of Tableau report distribution and deliver pixel-perfect reports, custom-tailored to any email address - no matter if it's for your management, external clients or internal departments.

Include Attachments

Send Reports the way people need them. Include PDF, CSV and images. Even merge PDFs from multiple workbooks into one file.

Filtered Reports

Set any available filter or parameter in the live view of your Tableau workbooks and apply them in your reports.


Apply user-specific filters to your reports. Send everyone a personalised report while only managing a single report.

Flexible Subscriptions

Let users decide which reports they want to receive and in what frequency or manage subscriptions for them.

External Triggers

Use webhooks to trigger any Report by external applications or processes, e.g. when your ETL has finished.

Email Open Tracking

Know if Reports are being read - See who received, opened and clicked a report.

Self-Service Portal & Metrics Warehouse


On-Demand Access for Everyone

Give everyone the right access to your Tableau data and most important metrics. Organize your contents and show everyone what's relevant to them.

Monitoring & Alerting Coming Soon


Get data-driven Alerts when something is happening.

Monitoring multiple KPIs and business metrics manually, day in day out, is not only extremely hard and time-consuming, it is also a major source of error. Pushmetrics monitors your metrics automatically every time when new data is available. If values are statistically significant or outside your defined thresholds it will alert you instantly, so you can take action.