Product Features
  • Slack Integration

    Insights from Tableau Right Inside Slack

    With PushMetrics you get your data to the place your team already is - increasing visibility and awareness for your analytics and making collaboration around data a breeze.

    Add Context to Any Conversation

    The PushMetrics Slack integration allows you to request and receive metrics, views and dashboards from Tableau in any Slack channel or conversation - ad-hoc, without leaving Slack, or fully automated through scheduled reports.

    "As more people have been seeing some of the data for the first time there is a lot of 'oh wow' and 'I had no idea that...'"

    Jasem Yousuf
    Mr. Delivery

    Share Insights within Seconds

    Easily browse through your available contents, filter views and share snapshots with your entire team - all without leaving Slack.

    Users can get their latest numbers with a single click on the Refresh button - providing a low friction way to get users more engaged with data and boost BI adoption.

    Search & Filter

    Browse through your contents and apply filters to views directly in Slack.

    Always With You

    Analytics in Slack means analytics wherever you are without installing additional apps.


    "PushMetrics helps our whole team stay on top of critical trends and events effortlessly by putting the right information in front of the right eyes. We especially appreciate the Slack integration, as it allows us to make sure that the right people see the right information at the right time."

    Aaron Lee-Zucker

    "PushMetrics has been a real game changer for us.
    Alerts pushed into specific Slack channels allow us to identify potential issues and their causes faster than we were ever able to before. Not only do they help us identify issues, but they also help us quickly identify easy wins."

    Data Team

    Get Your Data into Slack!

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  • Reporting Automation

    Scalable Reporting Workflows for Tableau

    Automate all your recurring reports. From simple bursting to complex workflows: Deliver pixel perfect reports via email or Slack to audiences of any size.

    Deliver Pixel Perfect Reports

    PushMetrics gives you all the options to deliver reports that look fantastic and contain all relevant content in one single message.

    Reuse a single dashboard with multiple filters, merge PDFs into one document, and include the summary data as an excel file.


    Reach Any Audience

    Deliver reports to any audience in Slack or via email, for both internal stakeholders and external clients.

    Define flexible schedules that suit your reporting needs or trigger reports based on external events.

    "With Pushmetrics we are always up to speed when it comes to reporting and it eases the communication across different teams."

    Georgi Evlogiev
    Marketing Manager - Zageno
    Flexible Scheduler

    Set up reports on any schedule imaginable. From "every 5 minutes" up to "every first Wednesday of the month."

    External Triggers

    Use webhooks to trigger any report by external applications or processes e.g. when your ETL has finished.

    Live Filtering

    Set any available filter or parameter and apply them in your reports. Apply multiple filters to reuse views & dashboards.

    Include Attachments

    Send reports the way people need them. Include PDF, CSV, XLSX and images. Even merge PDFs from multiple workbooks into one file.

    Manage Distribution Lists

    Add recipients on the fly or manage large distribution lists via user groups in a scalable way.

    Email Tracking

    Know when your reports arrive and if they are being read. See who received, opened and clicked on a report.

    "Working with Pushmetrics has made it so much easier for the whole company to use data. Every morning we receive our Tableau dashboards in dedicated slack channels - making reporting much more efficient for us."

    Luc Monteil

    Automate Your Recurring Reports!

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  • Self-Service Portal

    Tailored Access for Your Audience

    Give easier access to your views, dashboards and reports for your internal end users, clients and business partners to help them find what they need.

    A Simple Interface for Your Tableau Dashboards

    The PushMetrics portal allows you to organize all your views and dashboards in a clean and easy-to-use interface, custom-tailored to your audience.

    Let users access Tableau live views, download PDF, PNG, CSV or XLSX exports and share content ad-hoc.


    Increase End User Adoption

    Boost user adoption by making it easy to share dashboards throughout your organization or give clients a streamlined way to access live views of your Tableau contents.

    White Label Solution

    The portal is available as a white label solution, customized to your branding and requirements. Contact us for details.

    Trusted Authentication

    Inherit Tableau user permissions and grant access to live views without additional authentication.


    Set up Your Self-Service Portal!

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  • Metrics & Alerting

    Never Miss Critical Changes

    Track, store & monitor your business metrics and receive alerts precisely when relevant change happens.

    Get Notifications The Moment Changes Happen

    Easily set up alerting rules for your KPIs & metrics. Track KPIs across multiple dimensions, and set up a scalable monitoring system to help you run your business and spot issues early.


    Always Be on Top of Your Numbers

    Collect metrics from Tableau and other data sources, and make them available to your team in one central place.

    Query metrics in a easy, natural way right within Slack and answer business questions at the speed of thought.


    Never miss a critical change in your data again!

    Request early access to metrics & alerting

  • Security Controls

    Controls That Fit Your Use Case

    With PushMetrics, you're in full control over your data and who can access it.

    Manage Who Can See What

    PushMetrics comes with a system of user roles and sharing permissions that allow you to grant access they way it fits to your use case and requirements.

    Make contents available to your entire team, share with just a group of users or make them accessible only to yourself. Set access levels with a flexible, pre-defined role system to manage who can do what for every user.


    Secure Architecture & Hosting

    We understand how important the responsibility of safeguarding data is to our customers. The security and privacy of your data are fundamental to the success of both you and us, which is why we make protecting it a top priority.

    To learn more about our security practices, visit our Security page.

    Deployment Scenarios That Work For You

    By default, PushMetrics is hosted in a secure hosting environment at the leading cloud provider, AWS. But we are happy to discuss custom solutions to fit your requirements.

    From a hybrid approach with custom data retention policies, running dedicated instances in a Virtual Private Cloud up to bare metal, high-availabilty deployments in your data center. We'll find a way.

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