How To Do Email Report Bursting With Tableau

Discover how PushMetrics revolutionizes Tableau reporting - automate, customize, and distribute your business reports effortlessly for email and Slack.

How much easier would it be if it were possible to simultaneously customize the data, the delivery method, and the audience for business reports while using the same information source? And what if it were also possible to give users the freedom to be able to accomplish the same without added input from the Business Intelligence department?

If you’ve purchased Tableau, and now your team, and clients want to filter and explore the data in their own desired file formats, but they don’t have the experience with, or direct access to Tableau, then look no further. This is exactly the solution to a practical reporting stack that PushMetrics solves.

No More Manual Reporting

Tableau excels at providing the tools for analysts to explore the data and visualize it. But the real value in finding something worth sharing is giving others the opportunity to also explore the data, which lends collaboration to better results.

PushMetrics makes this easy by giving analysts the tools to customize standardized reports and distribute them automatically, empowering the audience to explore the data where they want it — via Email or Slack. Thus, relieving the analyst of manual work.

Workflow Optimization & Increased Adoption Of Analytics

Reporting is an important part of an analytics workflow that deserves to be optimized. Refining this part of the process requires tools that support relevancy and flexibility. When users are given the freedom to make customizations to business reports, the information becomes more useful to them.

The impact is an increased rate of adoption of analytics, which also allows analysts to focus on more strategic tasks.

When more users are involved, it also increases the possible applications of Tableau making business reports more valuable to the organization and clients.

Reporting At Scale Without Development Resources

Current options for extending reporting capabilities include building in-house scripting solutions, or workarounds which require lots of manual effort and limited technical resources. PushMetrics’ plug and play setup gives users easy access to fully automate and extend pixel perfect Tableau reports that can reach any audience at scale.

At a glance, PushMetrics gives users:

📊 a single place to manage all report distribution

📅 flexible report schedules

📎 options for including a range of file attachments

🔽 the ability to apply filters to reuse and personalize reports

👥 easy ways to manage audiences and distribution lists

⚙️custom workflows to handle complex requirements

If these are key elements you’d love to have in your current reporting stack, give PushMetrics a try, and start automating your recurring reports today. Or get in touch to schedule a demo.

Julian Schulte
Julian Schulte

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