Your PushMetrics Workspace

In PushMetrics every user belongs to one or multiple workspaces.

  • In a workspace, multiple users can collaborate together on notebooks and use shared resources like database connections.
  • All contents in a workspace are only available inside it, i.e. contents can not be shared across workspaces (except public notebooks).


The PushMetrics Homescreen

When you log in, you typically land on the home screen.

  • Here, you have shortcuts to the most common actions like creating a new notebook, inviting a user, etc.
  • You can see a list of your recently viewed items, so you can jump right back in
  • You can search across all notebooks in your workspace

From the sidebar navigation, you can reach any page in PushMetrics.

Access settings and user management by clicking on your workspace name
  • The "Notebooks" tab lets you browse and access all your notebooks
  • The "Data" tab shows all your database connections and their metadata
Switch between the "data" and the "notebooks" tab

Getting Help

If you need help or support, we're just a click away:

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Dark Mode

PushMetrics comes in light and dark mode. Pick your side!

Light vs. Dark

You can change modes when you click on your user icon in the top right: