Email Messages

With PushMetrics, you can send emails to any recipient.
You can use data from other tasks (e.g. SQL queries) to dynamically populate recipients, subject, attachments and email body.

Creating Email Messages

The Email task has the following input options and limits:

  • Recipients: To, Cc, and Bcc - limited to 50 recipients per message.
    If you need to send to more than 50 recipients, create an email group or distribution list with your email provider and send to the group instead.
  • Subject
  • Attachments: limited to max. 10 MB per message.
    Note: Sending large files via email is generally not recommended, consider sending download links instead.
  • Email Body: The Editor allows many formatting options and outputs HTML emails. For full customization of the design, click on "Edit HTML".

Configuring Your FROM email address

By default, messages are sent from and the sender name is Your Name (via PushMetrics), e.g. John Doe (via PushMetrics) <>.

If you want to send emails from a different address and sender name, you can change the email sender name in the Admin section.

You can also send emails from your own email address / domain.
To setup white label email addresses, please contact us. The setup is simple.