✨ PushMetrics v0.7 - Release Notes

We are quite excited to say that this will be one of the last major beta releases, as we are getting close to GA and PushMetrics 1.0.

✨ PushMetrics v0.7 - Release Notes

Here's the two most important updates in the latest release:

  • Use results from one query in another query
  • Ad-hoc Email Sharing

Apart from that we gave SQL blocks a fresh look, added a new template for new pages and improved sharing settings. And we fixed a lot of bugs.

Use results from one query in another query

So far, you were able to access parameter values as well as the SQL code of another query via Jinja. With that you can already do a lot of useful things like parameterising your queries or building queries on top of each other ( e.g. SELECT * FROM ( {{ some_other_query}} ) WHERE name = {{ parameter_1 }} ).

Now we are taking this a step further by allowing you to access the results array of a query via Jinja and use the values in another one with a new results() macro. Inception style.

Combine this with Jinja's ability to execute for loops and if/else statements and you can take your SQL scripting to a whole new level.
And because a PushMetrics notebook can query multiple databases, you can even use results from one database and use them in a query against a different database like this: SELECT *  FROM table where id = '{{ query_1.results()[0]['id'] }}'

Ad-hoc Email Sharing

With the last release we introduced scheduled email reports.
Now, we make answering ad-hoc requests much simpler.
You can now send any notebook, page or query result and send it out via email with 2 clicks.

Julian Schulte
Julian Schulte

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