New in PushMetrics: Faster Data Explorer, Filters & Tags, Workspace Templates, and more

This week, we shipped quite a few improvements and new features. See below for all the new things.

New in PushMetrics: Faster Data Explorer, Filters & Tags, Workspace Templates, and more


  • Data Explorer Improvements: Faster overall speeds, always up to date
  • Improved Filtering & Tagging to organize your notebooks
  • Workspace Templates
  • Jinja Preview on Email, Slack & API Blocks
  • Active Schedule Overview on Home Screen

Data Explorer Improvements:

It is no longer necessary to click the refresh button to trigger a fetch of the latest metadata for your database in the sidebar. The data is loaded live whenever you expand a table or schema. This not only improves the load times of the database schemas but of the entire notebook.

Filtering & Tagging:

Organizing content got easier! Navigate to your All Notebooks list to tag your notebooks. You can then create and save filtered views that will be visible in your sidebar.

Read more here in our docs.

Workspace Templates

Notebook templates are a great way to get a head start when creating a new notebook instead of having to start from scratch every time.

By default, we provide a growing number of public templates that you can use.

But you can also create your own templates that are private to your workspace to choose from.

All you need to do is to tag any notebook with the tag "Template".

Jinja Preview on Email / Slack / API Blocks:

If you are using Jinja in SQL blocks already, you might be familiar with this:

Now this works for Email, Slack, and API blocks, too.

Active Schedule Overview

As workflows become more important in PushMetrics, you'll now find an overview for your active schedules on the homescreen:

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As always, looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas!

Julian Schulte
Julian Schulte

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