We bring data to the people.

A data platform dedicated to the last mile of analytics.

Made with the end user in mind.

Share with everyone

We believe data is for everyone! We care deeply about making sharing data as easy as possible - and we think consuming data should not require expensive user licenses.

Governed Data Access

Self-service analytics only becomes a reality when people can trust the data. With PushMetrics, you can provide curated datasets to your users to let them explore in a governed way.

Going the Last Mile

No problem was ever solved just by looking at numbers - it’s the step afterwards that creates all the value. That’s why we're focussed on the delivery of data insights.

Powerful tools for data analysts.

No proprietary languages

Your core business logic should not depend on vendor-specific languages and sit closely to your database. Everything in PushMetrics is based on SQL. YAML, D3 and other common, open standards.

SQL on Steroids

Good old SQL spiced up with Jinja templating gives you powerful SQL enhancements like conditional statements, macros, loops and parameters - available all across the platform.

Plays nicely with existing tools

PushMetrics is modular - you can use the entire platform out of the box or bring your existing tools - we play nicely with any database, your existing pipelines or Tableau for example.

Secure, maintainable & reliable.

Fast Setup,
 no IT bottleneck.

Sign up and an entire data analytics toolbox is ready & waiting for you - you don’t need IT to get started setting up your BI process. And in case of questions, we help you get started.

The Power of Open Source

We’re building on top of many great open source projects like Apache Superset, Airflow and Impala. Making sure our platform is always cutting-edge, flexible and highly customizable.

Security taken serious

We understand how important the responsibility of safeguarding data is to our customers, which is why we make protecting it a top priority.

Make your team more data-driven.

Start a free trial today.

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