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Save time and money by providing your users a way to access data insights and schedule reports.

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SQL Analytics

Leverage Your Data Warehouse

Charts & Dashboards

Explore Data Visually

Reporting & Alerting

Scalable Distribution Automation

Slack Integration

Data Where Your Team Is

Give your team and your customers tailored access to a simple, centralized data portal.
Provide everyone with the information they need in a truly self-service way.

A Simple Interface for All Your Data

The PushMetrics portal allows you to organize all your charts, views & dashboards from your data warehouse and other tools like Tableau in a clean and easy-to-use interface, custom-tailored to your audience.

Let users access live dashboards, execute stored queries, download data exports and share content ad-hoc.


Increase End User Adoption

Boost user adoption by making it easy to share dashboards throughout your organization or give clients a streamlined way to access live data.

White Label Solution

The portal is available as a white label solution, customized to your branding and requirements. Contact us for details.


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