Hi, we're PushMetrics

We empower data-driven teams

In many companies, data is not utilized as often and by as many people as it should be. We believe this is because setting up the right data infrastructure is too hard & expensive and requires way too much IT resources.

That's why we build software that enables more people to make use of data by increasing the visibility, relevance and ease of access to analytics.


We bring analytics to the place where your team is - to increase visibility, simplify access and encourage collaboration around data.


We deliver reports and alerts when they are actually relevant to users - preventing information overload and making insights more actionable.


We free up data teams from repetitive tasks by building easy-to-use tools that don't require IT resources and that can be used by anyone.

Founders & Team

We have worked in Business Intelligence for many years and have experienced first-hand how hard it can be to drive adoption and engagement around data and analytics.
Providing relevant insights to an organisation at scale can be a real challenge.

We started building PushMetrics to fix our own problem. That's why we truly understand what our customers need to achieve.

Julian Schulte
Founder & CEO
Lukasz Wlodarczyk
Founder & CTO

PushMetrics was originally founded to make our own lives a little easier.

By now, we have built a team of talented people, experienced in our industry and our product is being used by hundreds of teams across the globe.
Our home base is in the Berlin area in Germany but our team is spread all across Europe.


Funding & Support

PushMetrics has received funding and support by different innovation programs of the European Union:

Work with Us

Want to work with us? You're passionate about data and SaaS apps? Send us your profile and apply directly.

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