🎉 PushMetrics v0.1 - Release Notes

PushMetrics v0.1 is live - our very first release.

🎉 PushMetrics v0.1 - Release Notes

For the entire team here this is all very exciting as the results of many months of work become fully visible for the first time and we are finally entering the next phase - with real users and stuff.

We are all looking forward to working closely with all of you over the next couple of weeks and months (and maybe even years) as we create the best query experience ever together!

What is PushMetrics anyways?

PushMetrics is a collaborative SQL IDE based on the idea of working together in notebooks
Query Time! Work together on SQL in collaborative notebooks

A few core ideas and concepts:

  • In PushMetrics all your work happens in Notebooks Notebooks are editable, executable and shareable documents that can serve many different analytical use cases.
  • You can connect your SQL Databases and then query your data right inside your notebooks, which is great for ad-hoc querying, storytelling, or complex analysis and data transformation.
  • Search - PushMetrics creates a searchable index of all notebooks and data assets making it easy to discover what data is available. While pretty basic at this stage, we have big plans to build on top of this in the future.
  • Finally, you can invite other Users to your workspace to collaborate on notebooks, share queries and data.

What's new in this version?

Well, everything. :-)

And as it's the first release, please know that we are still working hard on core functionality and making sure it's a smooth experience from start to finish.

A few limitations to be aware of:

While our list of things we would like to add is veeeery long there are a few catches we think you should know:

1) All users in your workspace are admin users

We have NOT implemented differentiated roles and permissions at this point. Therefore all users inside one workspace are equal and can access all things and do all things. If you want to share a notebook with someone, that someone needs to be invited to your workspace. Roles, permissions and sharing settings are coming soon though.

2) Notebooks are not yet truly multiplayer ready

Multiple users can access a single notebook at the same time. However, you will
a) not see who is currently in a notebook or where,
b) not see changes made by other users until you refresh the page, which can lead to conflicts.

3) Query results cache is not yet configurable

We plan to give everyone the option to configure if and how long query results will be cached and where. At the moment though it's stored (encrypted!) on our end with a 30 day retention.

If you have any questions contact us at support@pushmetrics.io

Julian Schulte
Julian Schulte

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