✨ PushMetrics v0.5 - Release Notes

Media Embed, Todo Lists, Unsplash Cover Images, and much more.

✨ PushMetrics v0.5 - Release Notes

A new version of PushMetrics is live and  we have quite a few updates and improvements to share:

Media Embed Blocks

You can now embed rich media into notebooks. Make your notebooks more engaging and interactive by including videos and more.

ToDo List blocks

Organize your tasks and keep track of your plan with ToDo List blocks.

Unsplash Cover Images

Make your notebooks more colourful with beautiful cover imagery from Unsplash.

Adding Blocks Got Easier

The + menu to add new blocks to a notebook got bigger and bigger because we added a lot of new block types. Now the menu is searchable and it can be opened via keyboard shortcut + .  

Image blocks are now resizeable

You can now resize embedded images and even add a caption.

Julian Schulte
Julian Schulte

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