Apache Superset as a Service

Use the rising analytics platform as a fully-managed service with PushMetrics.

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Explore & Visualize Your Data

Connect to your database and create beautiful visualizations and dashboards directly in your browser.

Share Insights With Anyone

Share charts & dashboards with your team & clients - let your whole organisation explore data.

Enterprise-Ready Security

Superset is battle-tested in large production deployments and comes with many enterprise features.

Used by Leading Tech Companies

Superset is being developed and used by leading tech companies including Airbnb, Twitter, Lyft, and many more.

The Open Source alternative
to Tableau, Looker & PowerBI

Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence application

Superset was started as a project at Airbnb to serve as an open & fully customisable application to visualize and explore massive amounts of data in a fast & intuitive way.

Since its release as an open-source project, hundreds of companies have started to use it, more than 250 developers contribute to its source code and it has been battle-tested in environments with hundreds of daily active users.

Superset is now being incubated as a project of the Apache Software Foundation and is often mentioned as an alternative to Tableau, Looker, Power BI and other business intelligence solutions.

With PushMetrics you can now use Superset (and more) as a fully managed cloud service.

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Create beautiful data visualizations on the fly.

Superset comes with tons of different, rich visualisation types included. Explore, slice & dice your data in a simple, visual way.


Share interactive dashboards with your entire team

Powerful interactivity

Easily filter the data on the dashboard and drill deeper into the details of any chart. Organise contents in a grid layout and even on different tabs.

Easy sharing & Embedding

Share any chart or dashboard by simply copy & pasting the URL. You can even make dashboards public, use them on a TV screen with auto-refresh or embed them into your own websites or applications.


A state of the art SQL editor directly in the browser

Superset comes with SQL Lab - a modern, feature-rich SQL IDE for deeper analysis of your data. Write queries against your database, view table metadata and visualise the results as charts.


Connect to any database

Superset connects to all common SQL-speaking databases directly out of the box.

Simple Semantic Layer

A lightweight semantic layer, allowing to control how data sources are exposed to the user by defining dimensions and metrics.

Druid support

Deep integration with Druid allows for Superset to stay blazing fast while slicing and dicing large, realtime datasets

Ready for the enterprise

Superset ships with critical security features for authentication, user management, permissions and roles out of the box. It can easily scale to serve even the largest organizations.

Flexible Authentication & User Management

Superset works with different authentication methods, including LDAP, oAuth and OpenID

Granular Roles & Permission Model

Configure permissions on the most granular level to manage who can see and do what in the application.

Complete Access Logs

All actions users do in the app are logged and can be easily audited.


A large developer community

Superset is an open source project of the Apache Software Foundation and is built and maintained by a large, active developer community. More than 250 developers contributed to the project so far, making sure it's always cutting edge. It also means you can customize and extend the software in whatever way you want.


View official project documentation

Disclaimer We are not the original authors of Superset. The official project page can be found here. We are also not affiliated with the Apache Software Foundation or Airbnb. We provide additional services on top of the open source technology and will contribute anything we develop that is useful to the project.

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Focus on your business
- not infrastructure

Get started using Superset instantly with our fully managed service in the cloud. Combine the benefits of open-source and a code-free, plug & play installation, automatic updates and support.

We also provide support, custom development and implementation guidance.

Hassle-free Cloud Deployment

Use Superset as a plug & play solution. Don't worry about patches and manual updates. We keep your software up to date for you automatically.

Automate Reports & Workflows

We combine Superset's visualization layer with flexible reporting & workflow automation tools to deliver reports and alerts to everyone.

Slack Integration

Use our leading Slack analytics integration to easily share Superset charts & dashboards in Slack.

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